What are the issues that you see transfer students facing?


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  2. A major challenge that students at my institution will be facing in the coming years is Course Program of Study for Financial Aid. Many of our Liberal Arts students enter the college undecided and use their electives to explore areas of interest. These students are quickly fulfilling all of their elective requirements on coursework that, in many instances, will not apply towards their bachelors program. This will result in many students having to decide between paying out of pocket at the community college level or taking out more student loans at the transfer institution to cover courses that could have been covered at the community college.
    Identifying programs of study and creating a completion/graduation plan early will be more important than ever!

    1. IowaAAN says:

      Corey you are making great points!

  3. David Marchesani says:

    I agree!

      1. David Marchesani says:

        I am!

      2. David Marchesani says:

        I am

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