Membership & Involvement



Annual Event Committee
The Annual Event Committee shall accept written ideas and/or offers submitted by IowaAAN members for an annual event. After approval of the Annual Event by the Executive Board, the Committee will be responsible for the planning, organization and execution of the event.

Membership and Nominating Committee
The purpose of this committee is to promote, establish, and maintain active membership in IowaAAN. In addition, the committee shall encourage and promote involvement of all advisors in NACADA. This committee will maintain an accurate database of members in conjunction with the Secretary. This committee will also maintain a list of contact for each institution of higher education in the state of Iowa as well as a database of knowledge experts for referral to IowaAAN members. This committee shall solicit letters of candidacy from the IowaAAN membership and carry out the duties established in Article IV, Section 2 of these bylaws for preparing the list of nominees for elections.

Professional Development Committee
The purpose of this committee is to: 1) establish and maintain a program of professional development opportunities for the members of IowaAAN; 2) establish criteria, solicit nominations, and select members to receive awards, scholarships, and other honors as directed by the Executive Board, and to forward nominations for appropriate NACADA awards to the NACADA Executive Office.

Public Relations Committee
The purpose of this committee is to enhance awareness of the organization and promote increased interactions with future members and between current members. The committee shall establish and oversee a regular newsletter, maintain the web site for dissemination of information regarding IowaAAN activities/events and information of interest to academic advisors in the state of Iowa, and monitors and updates the social networking outlets utilized by the IowaAAN. The chair of the Public Relations Committee will serve as the executive editor of the newsletter. Other members of this committee shall include the webmaster and the owner/manager of the IowaAAN listserve.

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